she’s after your heart


she’s after your heart



oh my godddddd there is a new swedish reality tv show where they are tracking down internet trolls and confronting them about the death threats they’ve sent to people, since it’s actually illegal.

watching them try to explain how it’s not them is the best entertainment i’ve ever seen.

this episode ended with them fining him 5000 SEK to be paid to the victim!

guess what America should do

People who don't wear glasses: I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses: No.


 Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a  love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in  Person B’s ear.

I knew if something went wrong today it would be because of you!


"video games cause people to develop violent behaviors" yeah thats why playing pokemon made me steal the neighborhood pets and endlessly breed them in hopes of one coming out colored weird


if nicole kidman named her kid TeenDude then they would be TeenDude kidman and if you dont think thats the coolest name ever you’re wrong


lets play a game called are u bad at texting back or do u hate me


100,038 plays



millions of real existing people fall in love with straight men. what the fuck

im still thinking about this. they dont just befriend and hang out with straight men, they get emotional about them. they think ‘this person is the best thing that ever happened to me’. i think there was a time when this phenomenon made sense to me but now it does not.

fma week 2014day 11 → taboo (human transmutation)

"The two brothers who wanted to feel their mother’s warmth once more: Their attempt to bring the dead back to life cost one of them the leg on which he stood, as well as the only family he had left. The other lost his entire body to have it replaced by a suit of armor that could feel nothing. The woman who sought to bring back her only baby was given a body that would never again bear children. And then, the man who looked to change his nation had his eyesight taken from him, and now he can no longer see his future."


i’m that friend that has to walk behind the group when the path isn’t big enough. i’m that friend that gets cut off in the conversation. i’m that friend that gets left behind when i asked for them to wait for me. i’m that friend that doesn’t get invited to hang out alot. i’m that friend that if i want to go to the mall or some place with a friend i have to be the one to invite people to make sure i get included. i’ll always be that friend.


It’s a metaphor, see: you hold a pen with your homework in front of you, but you don’t do it, you don’t give it the power to do its killing


romanticise healthy relationships